Sustainable facility management allows an organization to build and operate facilities that meet organizational goals, provide a productive office and work in harmony with the environment. The Central Ohio Chapter of IFMA is committed to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of building occupants and their communities though training and education programs. Additionally, we are committed to discovering and showcasing practices that ensure the economic stability as well as protecting and regenerating the natural environment.

Promote Sustainable Facility Management — When it comes to environmental stewardship and sustainability, there aren't many professions with a bigger role to play than facility management. Even though Earth Day happens just once a year, there is always an opportunity to share your FM story. This instructive video offers a simple three-step plan to get your sustainability effort the media attention it deserves.

Tools and Resources for Sustainability

Sustainability How-to Guides are a series of white papers on a wide range of subjects related to sustainability. Each guide includes case studies, ROI analysis and business case development information.


Resources Posted January 5, 2014

The Guide to Greening Cities

Cushman and Wakefield have released their Global Office Forecast 2014-2015

Acclaro Advisory has published their Sustainable FM Index 2013 Sustainability Index - Full Report.pdf

Mitie has released The Future of Facilities Management

United Nations Environment Programme has published Emissions Gap Report 2013

Join the LEEP Campaign, a recognition and guidance program designed to encourage facility owners and managers to take advantage of savings opportunities from high efficient lighting solutions in their parking facilities.

Jones Lang LaSalle has released The Changing Face of Smart Buildings: The Op-Ex Advantage

Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Urban Land Institute have released Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2014

What's Hot in Energy and Environment: Industry Participants Weigh In On Key Market Trends and Challenges, has been released by Frost & Sullivan.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager:


Resources Posted September 1, 2013

Download IFMA’s newest Sustainability How-to Guide: Waste: A Comprehensive Guide to Waste Stream Management

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s report, Assessing the Costs and Benefits of the Superior Energy Performance Program

EDF has released the Water Efficiency Toolkit

PWC’s 10 Minutes on managing water scarcity

Jones Lang LaSalle has published their Global Sustainability Perspective

The Sustainability in Facilities Management survey results have been published by BIFM

Review ISO standards:


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has released Energy DataBus, an open-source energy analysis tool

View IFMA’s recent webinar on our GRI process

CBRE’s 101 Tips toward a greener tomorrow


Sustainability Education and Programs

Learn sustainable practices through training and courses, and free local programs.

IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional™ (SFP™) is an assessment-based certificate program delivering a specialty credential in sustainability. By earning your SFP credential, you will develop and gain recognition for your expertise in sustainable FM practices while impacting your organization’s economic, environmental and social bottom lines.

  • The SFP™ Difference: How IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional™ Credential Can Ensure a Facility Manager’s Qualifications as Steward of Sustainable Operations whitepaper will help your employers and others understand the purpose and the potential impact of the SFP credential.

  • How do you start to introduce sustainability practices into your facility management operations? FM Sustainability: Creating Your Action Plan is an online course that will help you to plan, develop and implement an action plan for a sustainability program.

FM Knowledge Center is an online portal allows you to access educational content through various online delivery platforms, utilize products and courses, earn CEU and CFM points, download white papers, on demand recordings, webcasts and more…online, 24-7.


Be a Star! Join IFMA’s Energy Star Challenge

IFMA has partnered with ENERGY STAR to help the FM community improve building energy performance. Click here to view the presentation

IFMA and ENERGY STAR can help you:

  • Save energy

  • Save money

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Improve facility performance

  • Qualify your facility for tax incentives, rebates, and prepare for mandatory energy reporting initiatives

  • Reduce baseline facility energy use by 15% or more.

NOTE: EPA's Portfolio Manager tool is being upgraded. Visit the new project page to see a project timeline, download a fact sheet, or register for our next quarterly update webinar. The Portfolio Manager Upgrade will launch on July 10, 2013. Portfolio Manager will be unavailable from June 26 through July 9, 2013 to allow for the migration of data to the new, upgraded Portfolio Manager.

EPA has developed a Benchmarking Starter Kit to help you get started quickly.


Join the LEEP Campaign

The LEEP Campaign is a recognition and guidance program designed to encourage facility owners and managers to take advantage of savings opportunities from high efficient lighting solutions in their parking facilities.

On a related note, the US Department of Energy (DOE) is offering free limited technical support as part of the LEEP Campaign. If you are currently in considering lighting changes to a parking facility, fill out the form on the LEEP web site for technical assistance.


13 FM Tips for Better Building Sustainability

  • Inspect facility equipment on a regular basis, make sure that it is functioning as designed and pay attention to life cycle considerations.

  • Learn about and implement sustainability reporting guideline frameworks.

  • Get creative and don’t forget about low cost/no cost solutions and conservation measures.

  • Download the free Sustainability How-to Guides (above) to gain access to data, best practices, emerging trends, ROI and case studies on a range of subjects related to sustainability in the built environment to assist you in implementing sustainable practices.

  • High-performing facilities need high-performing facility professionals. Keep your facility team in top condition with ongoing education and training.

  • Turn on the eco mode on copiers, printers – even mobile phones; and let devices power down the display when not in use.

  • Document sustainable policies and measure, monitor and report the connection to organizational business goals.

  • Be a Star! Benchmark energy and water consumption and CO2 using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager – and join IFMA’s Energy Star Challenge for Chapters and Councils.

  • Check your lighting levels – a handheld meter can quickly tell you if you are over lit.  And if occupants need additional lighting, consider task lighting instead.

  • Take a holistic approach and keep the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit in mind; remember that decisions in one area can have an affect or impact on others.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and renew. Use recycled material, work with vendors who have recycling programs, implement recycling on site and reduce overall consumption.

  • Educate your facility occupants with sustainability tips they can use in the workplace as well as information and best practices they can take home.

  • Become your organization’s most knowledgeable resource on sustainability. Earn your SFP!