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President's Report

Welcome to 2018!  I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season and are thawing out from the bitterly cold temperatures that we saw at the tail-end of December and the first part of January.

Now that the holidays are over and the start of a new year has arrived, it's time to start thinking about your new years resolutions. 

New Years Resolution

I know, you're probably saying to yourself 'I made resolutions last year and I wasn't able to make any of them stick'.  Unfortunately, I think that most people have this same experience, as life happens and it's extremely difficulty to maintain the focus on these resolutions to make them become a reality.  However, with that being said, I recently read an article in Forbes by Erik Carter titled "How to Make Those Financial New Year's Resolutions a Reality" and while the article was as the name implied, I think we can take those same concepts and apply them in a non-financial setting:

1) Set SMART goals- Were you able to achieve your goals last year, but not your resolutions?  If so, why not give your resolutions that same kind of attention, since resolutions are merely personal goals.  To that end, when creating your 2018 resolutions (goals), they need to be SMART:

  • Specific- What to you want to accomplish?  Be sure to include the who, where, when and why.
  • Measurable- What metrics will you you use to determine if you're working towards your goal?  If it is a long-term goal, make sure that you create smaller goals (objectives or milestones) that progress you towards the completion of the larger goal.
  • Attainable- The goal needs to be something that can be achieved and if you currently don't have the skills or knowledge to achieve it, then you can create a plan to acquire what is needed to make the goal a reality.
  • Relevant- Having a goal that is realistic and relevant to your life lends itself to being easier to achieve.
  • Time-based- Give your goal a deadline and schedule meetings with yourself or others (which cannot be rescheduled) to dedicate the appropriate amount of time towards the completion of your goal. 


2) Figure out how you're going to achieve your resolution (goal)- Now that you have your SMART goal(s), you need to make a conscientious effort to dedicate time to achieving these goals.  Whether it's scheduling time on a recurring basis (I typically schedule "meetings" for myself that I cannot reschedule, so that I have specific time to focus on a particular goal) or speaking with your family to make sure they know about your goal.  Your family is a great resource as they can help you with achieving your goal by possibly assisting in the various objectives or milestones that you've created or, better yet, they can hold you accountable for your goal, since they know it's importance to you.  The key is to remember that a goal isn't going to magically happen because you its a goal. 

3) Look for ways to expedite the achievement of your resolution (goal)-
There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.  It's not a sustainable, long-term solution to sleep 4 hours a night to get up at 4am to work on a goal before the family is up and the needs of the day take all of those hours away.  However, it is possible to try to combine tasks whenever possible or to delegate tasks. 

For example, you need to get 10,000 steps in today, but have to go grocery shopping and to the dry cleaners, as well as watch a pee-wee hockey game?  Park as far away from each entrance as you can, walk during the intermissions or maybe even the game.  Try to make a game out of it and get the family involved as much as you can. 

The other option is to try to delegate as much as possible.  When doing this, you need to make sure that you check in with your delegatees to confirm that they're on track and will meet the deadlines that they were given.  

4) Be mindful of the resolution (goal) and it's timing needs- If I have a goal to save $500,000 or lose thirty pounds, that's not going to happen in a week or two or maybe even a month or two.  Thus, you need to have an understanding that most of your goals are going to take some time and to not get frustrated if it takes a little longer to achieve them.  The big thing is to continue your focus on the goals, which leads to the last idea:

5)  Adjust your goals as needed. As was previously mentioned, life sometimes happens and you need to adjust your goals to focus on other things that might become a higher priority. 

2018 Resolutions

Since each of us are different, there are a myriad of resolutions that will be contemplated.  For me, losing weight, spending more time with my wife and family and creating a board game are on my short list of resolutions for 2018. 

Another resolution that I have, and I hope you adopt as well, is: Commit to increasing your involvement in the IFMA Central Ohio chapter.

As I've mentioned in previous newsletters, IFMA Central Ohio is actively looking for members that would be interested in taking a larger role in the operation, growth and development of the chapter.  This can be accomplished in a handful of ways:

  • Attend more chapter activities (programs, tours, community service activities, etc.)
  • Join a committee(s)- The Membership and Programs committees are looking for a few folks to assist in various aspects of the operation of the chapter
  • Become a co-chairperson of a committee
  • Provide program and tour ideas either through the registration process or via email ([email protected])
  • Become a officer (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer)


The Board will be reaching out to chapter members to gauge their interest in increasing their participation in the chapter.  If you're interested in becoming more involved, please reach out to one of the Board members, email [email protected] or myself at [email protected] 

Thank you for your participation in IFMA Central Ohio and as always, if you have an idea for a program or tour, please let us know. 

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you at your next IFMA Central Ohio activity!

Matt Butterworth, President, IFMA Central Ohio


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Community Service

IFMA Central Ohio is volunteering at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank from 1:30 - 3:30 and then heading over to Roosters to enjoy happy hour.  

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank provides more than 149,000 meals to Ohio families in need throughout the year, and IFMA Central Ohio is going to support their efforts by sorting and packaging items during a two hour window.  Please note that you will spend that time on your feet, so wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.  Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to recover at happy hour!

For more information about the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and their state of the art facility, please visit their website:  


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Calendar of Events

Below are our upcoming programs, tours, events and community service opportunities.  Please plan on attending as many of these as you can.

FM Roundtable- January 11th  11am- 1pm

Learn about and solve today's issues from your fellow FM's.

Volunteer- Mid-Ohio Foodbank- January 18th  1:30- 3:30pm

Help out your neighbors by volunteering at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Happy Hour- Rooster's- January 18th  3:45-5pm

Network with your fellow IFMA Central Ohio members

Tour- Center of Science and Industry (COSI)- February 27th  4-5pm

Come see behind the scenes where all the magic happens.

Drones in Property Management- March

Learn about the ever-changing field of drone use in property management

Tour- Middle West Spirits- April

Check one of Columbus' newest breweries, which was recently labeled one of the top 5 Distillery Restaurants in America


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Program Recap

  Festive lights, sparkling Christmas trees, and delectable desserts set the stage this year’s the Central Ohio International Facility Management Association’s Annual State of the Union President’s Luncheon Dec. 7, 2017, at the Wendy’s Corporate Headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.

     The 29th annual event was marked with celebrations, giveaways, and games meant to laude another successful year and bring chapter members closer together during the holiday season.

     With some 60 in attendance this year, including guests and new members, Central Ohio IFMA Chapter members applauded efforts to continually build on a solid foundation while increasing membership, programming, and community service by the group.

     There were Christmas trees. There were lights. There were festive bows.

     And there was the cold.

     With temperatures in the 50s – and even 60 degrees earlier in the week -- the annual luncheon ushered in the holiday season with a brisk afternoon and a hint of flurries to come.

     Central Ohio IFMA Chapter President Matthew Butterworth took to the podium early in the program to welcome everyone to the event and talk about this year’s IFMA World Workplace in Houston, Texas, Oct. 18th through the 20th. Seven members from the Central Ohio IFMA Chapter attended, with several sharing during the luncheon.

     “It was my first World Workplace,” said Butterworth, “…and it was amazing. There was a boatload there who are in the same industry so it was great to chit-chat and meet people. We are trying to see what we can do by taking the best of the best and applying those lessons-learned to our chapter to make it bigger and stronger and faster – if you will.”

     The time away as an executive board allowed members to get to know one another better. In addition, it was also a great bonding experience and a productive week. “If you have not gone, I would highly recommend it,” concluded Butterworth.

     Butterworth continued with the microphone, emceeing the holiday event. The celebration brought back the ever-popular white elephant gift exchange, complete with deals and steals that brought with it much strategizing and laughter.

   Gift cards to the Home Depot, Cabela’s, Olive Garden and Roosters were just some of the prizes raffled off this year.

     But the highlight of the afternoon was definitely the White Elephant Gift Exchange which included wine, lottery tickets, undergarments and rubber chickens – all camouflaged in Spiderman gift bags. The choosing was tricky, and the strategizing even trickier. Only three steals per round meant that some of the most coveted of gifts would quickly find a permanent home.

   The afternoon was also marked with board reports noting successes of the past year and initiatives to come. Special visitor Shelley Brown, Director of Corporate and Donor Relations at Central Ohio’s Salvation Army, took to the podium to thank Central Ohio IFMA Chapter members for their generous donations of toys and games which filled the back corner of the banquet room. The donations were part of the annual Cheer Toy Drive. Central Ohio IFMA Chapter members all received raffle tickets for bringing in a toy (or three, or five, or ten) to donate to needy families during the holiday season. According to Brown, more than 133,000 people were served last year in Central Ohio alone through numerous Salvation Army programs including aiding with housing, education, food, and children’s programming.

     “We really want to move some of our folks out of their situations and into sustainability including getting a job and maintaining housing,” Brown explained. “We really want to make their lives better in any way we can. It’s a very holistic approach.”

     Attendance awards were also presented at the event. Lisa Schultz took second place, with Kevin George in first place. Matthew Butterworth and Steve Bauman tied for the grand prize award for best attendance over the past year. According to Chris Allen, of the 28 events offered by the Central Ohio IFMA Chapter, 23 of them were absolutely free.

   The festivities ended with some final poinsettia give-a-ways, some hopeful lottery winners, and peppermint Frosties all around.

     Another year in the books, Central Ohio IFMA Chapter members look to 2018 with a renewed dedication, purpose, and hope. Happy New Year.


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Committee Help Needed

Are you looking for a way to network with your fellow IFMA Central Ohio members and get more involved with the Chapter? 

The Committees in IFMA Central Ohio are what makes the Chapter operate efficiently and effectively.  We have a number of committees that need your help:

Programs- This committee selects, schedules and coordinates the monthly programs and tours for the Chapter. The Committee endeavors to help members increase their knowledge and expertise in facility management related topics. This is accomplished by providing programs and tours that bring to the forefront topics of facility management that pertain to the working environment.  

If you're interested in joining this committee, please contact Kelly Waters (614-736-9007 or [email protected]) or Jacque Adams (614-448-6153 or [email protected]). 

Membership- This Committee promotes membership growth and retention by providing new member recruiting events and encouraging new and current members to be involved in chapter events and activities. The committee also conducts quarterly new member events, as well as assists in welcoming/registering attendees at Chapter programs, tours and events.

If you're interested in joining this committee, please contact Lisa Schultz (614-205-8996 or [email protected]) or Steve Bauman (614-282-3152 or [email protected]). 

Thank you for your time and we hope you can increase your participation in IFMA Central Ohio by joining a committee or two.


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IFMA Central Ohio Rewards Program

The 2018 IFMA Central Ohio Rewards program for members is in full swing and it's not too late to get points by attending IFMA programs, tours, events and community service activities during 2018.

Make sure you attend as many IFMA events as possible to earn points for a chance to win $500 that can be used for educational opportunities: (World WorkPlace, Facility Fusion or other events) or pursuing professional designations certifications (Facility Management Professional (FMP), Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP), Certified Facility Manager (CFM), for example).  Members earn points by attending programs, tours and events, so make sure to attend as many IFMA events as you can by November 30th. 

The winners of the 2018 IFMA Central Ohio Rewards program will be announced during the Annual State of the Union Luncheon in December 2018.

More information on the Rewards program can be found at:IFMA Central Ohio Rewards Program


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This Month's Hot Topic

Learn to conduct comprehensive ergonomic assessments with Humanscale Consulting's two-day Train the Trainer Program in Office Ergonomics on January 17-18, 2018 at the Columbus Metropolitan Library located at 96 S. Grant Avenue, Meeting Room 3A.


  • Identify and mitigate the postural risks associated with prolonged computer use
  • Learn to properly configure workstations for optimal health, comfort and performance
  • Perform objective research-based evaluations of work tools such as task seating, sit/stand devices, mice, keyboards, task lighting and more
  • Recognize equipment challenges and recommend cost effective alternatives
  • Measure the potential cost savings of a proactive ergonomics program


  • Develop proficiency and gain hands on experience with the ergonomic assessment process through activity based learning modules
  • Learn advanced techniques for delivering employee education, affecting behavioral change and implementing workstation enhancements
  • Build confidence in your ability to improve employee comfort and reduce risk of injury


Humanscale Consulting assists organizations to improve worker comfort, reduce injury rates, and boost productivity through the development, implementation and management of cost-effective ergonomics programs.

Fore more information on this course, click on the following link: Two Day Certification- Office Ergonomics

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