Associate Relations

The Associate Relations Committee has a two-fold purpose: (1) Coordinate and manage the chapter’s sponsorship program and (2) Recruit and help acquaint the chapter’s associate members with the many benefits of IFMA membership. The committee conducts an annual sponsorship drive of area companies and businesses, seeking to raise a minimum of $10,000 to underwrite the numerous programs and events that are offered free or at minimal charge to members. The committee meets with associate members to inform them of national and local IFMA guidelines and ethics so that they feel welcome and better understand their relationship to the chapter’s professional members.

For additional information on the Associate Relations Committee, please contact:

   Lara Moon
BrightView Landscape Services

   (614) 402-9260

   Matt Jacobs
   Schneider Electric

   (614) 537-7747


Community Service

The Community Service Committee directs and supports the members of our chapter in providing assistance to those in need in the central Ohio community. To accomplish this, the committee strives to involve members in community projects.

Community Service projects include assembling furniture at the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, assorted tasks at the Ronald McDonald House, painting walls at the Dowd Education Center as well as pitching in to help clean areas around Columbus with Keep Columbus Beautiful.

The committee works to promote Community Service within our chapter by communicating our ongoing projects and soliciting new ideas from membership.

For additional information on the Community Service Committee, please contact:

   Beth Hazel
   Scioto Services

   (614) 531-5023

   Jamie Ottery
   Muirfield Energy

   (614) 638-0212



The Membership Committee promotes membership growth and retention by providing new member recruiting events and encouraging new and current members to be involved in chapter events and activities. The committee is responsible for increasing and maintaining a large chapter membership of over 170 professional and associate members. The committee coordinates with the chapter secretary to maintain an up-to-date list of members and provide member name tags at programs, conduct bi-annual new member events, communicate with potential members about how to apply online, and communicate chapter events, courses, programs, and social events.

For additional information on the Membership Committee, please contact:

   Steve Bauman
   Daikin Applied Americas, Inc.
   (614) 282-3152

   Lisa Schultz
   Dynamix Energy Services
   (614) 554-4809 



The Programs/Education Committee selects and schedules programs for the monthly gatherings of the Central Ohio Chapter. The Committee endeavors to help professional members increase their knowledge and expertise in facility management. This is accomplished by providing seminars, roundtables, a monthly Green Group, and building tours to bring to the forefront topics of facility management that pertain to the working environment.

For additional information on the Programs/Education Committee, please contact:

   Maureen Finken
   The Janton Company
   (937) 620-2460

   Kelly Waters
   Power Connect
   (937) 620-2460




The Events committee plans and promotes social activities for the chapter utilizing the website and chapter events. The committee is responsible for coordinating an annual chapter baseball and hockey events, President’s Luncheon and other social activities decided by the board of directors. The committee gathers details for event planning through meetings, phone calls, e-mails and other member contact. The chairperson plans activity logistics, prepares budget and reports this information to the board. The committee coordinates events with the membership and programs committees.

For additional information on the Events Committee, please contact:

   Charlie Snyder
BrightView Landscape Services

   (614) 545-8187




The Golf committee plans and coordinates the chapter’s annual golf outing. The committee is responsible for selecting the venue, creating sponsorship opportunities, and promoting the event in which all proceeds go to the Chapter’s Scholarship program. The chairperson is responsible for preparing a budget and reporting information regarding the event to the board.

For additional information on the Golf Committee, please contact: 

   Charlie Snyder
BrightView Landscape Services

   (614) 545-8187




The Sustainability committee supports IFMA regarding its sustainability programs and efforts. The committee coordinates dissemination of information to chapter members, supports and publicizes education, facilitates sustainability related events and works with the programs committee by providing topics for meetings and speaker recommendations.

For additional information on the Sustainability Committee, please contact:

   Chris Allen
   Huntington Bank
   (614) 480-4108