IFMA Sponsorship

 IFMA Partner Benefits - $500 pledge

  1. Rotating banner on website
  2. Recognized during specific pre-determined month
    • Pre-assigned
    • President to recognize in monthly newsletter
    • Verbal recognition by officer at assigned monthly events/tours/etc.
    • Partner can have small display at events during their month
  3. Cheat sheet of industry experts with tab on website
  4. Two tickets to family night functions (up to 2 events)
  5. Permanent nametag
  6. One free guest at State of the Union
  7. Group recognition at State of the Union
  8. Group recognition at Golf Outing
  9. Option to sponsor-up at additional events (tour happy hours, membership drives, etc.)

*Ability to add Partners through Q3 for prorated amount.

  • First quarter--$400 and lose #2, potentially #4, and #5
  • Second quarter--$300 and lose #2, potentially #4, and #5
  • Third quarter--$200 and lose #2, #4, #5, and #8


*No recognition/acknowledgement until paid in full.