Scholarship Program

Central Ohio Chapter of IFMA Scholarship Program

The Central Ohio Chapter of IFMA Scholarship program is designed for members to pursue credentials and certifications, degrees in facility management or related fields, attendance at World Workplace or Facility Fusion.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Scholarships are available to Central Ohio IFMA Chapter members who have been a member of the chapter for a minimum of two (2) years. Member must be active and have accumulated a minimum of 10 points from the member rewards program between August 1and July 31 annually. The Scholarship Committee will review the application and verify points earned in the rewards program.

Funding for Scholarships

Certified Facility Manager Designation
The CFM Exam is competency-based, testing what a person can do compared to standards that define the practice of facility management. One cannot take a course or a simple knowledge-based exam to earn the credential. IFMA’s competency-based program is at a higher level than a knowledge-based program, reflecting the growing importance of facility management in the international business world.

Scholarship for the CFM Exam includes the FM Learning System and may be paid up to 100% by the Chapter. Candidate may only receive ONE CFM scholarship. If the member is unsuccessful in their first attempt at taking the exam, any retakes would be at their own expense.

Current Fee - CFM Exam $550 – FM Learning System - $895 – Total $1,445

Certification Requirements

Candidates must fall into one of the following education or work experience categories:

EducationNumber/years of FM experience WITH the FMPNumber/years of FM experience WITHOUT the FMP
Facility Management Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree from an IFMA Recognized Degree Program 3 years 3 years
Related Bachelor’s Degree* 3 years 4 years
Non-related Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree 4 years 5 years
Some Post-secondary Education 5 years 8 years

* Related degrees include, but are not limited to: facility management, business, architecture, interior design, building construction, construction management, engineering and property management.

Successful candidates will also have experience in the following competency areas. These eleven areas have been identified as the core areas of skills and knowledge necessary for a successful facility manager:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Finance and Business
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Communication
  • Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
  • Human Factors
  • Quality
  • Real Estate and Property Management
  • Technology


Ideally, candidates should have experience in all 11 areas; however, it is possible for a candidate to have experience in most competency areas, minimal exposure to others and still pass the exam.

Qualified candidates meeting the above education and experience requirements are to complete the Scholarship Application Form for review and verification.

Facility Manager Professional Designation
The IFMA FMP Credential Program is a self-study program that combines printed materials, interactive online study tools, and online FMP final assessments to help you learn the critical knowledge demanded by today’s employers and earn the FMP credential. The complete program includes four courses: Operations and Maintenance, Project Management, Finance and Business Essentials, and Leadership and Strategy Essentials.

Scholarship for the complete FMP credential program includes the cost of the entire course to be completed in a self-study environment and may be paid up to 100% by the Chapter.

Current complete FMP credential program - $1,795

Scholarship for an individual FMP credential course includes the cost of one course annually to be completed in a self-study environment and may be paid up to 100% by the Chapter.

Current Individual Course Fee - $595 per course

Sustainability Facility Professional Designation
IFMA’s SFP™ is an assessment-based certificate program delivering a specialty credential in sustainability. By earning your SFP credential, you will develop and gain recognition for your expertise in sustainable FM practices while impacting your organization's economic, environmental and social bottom lines. It is a self-study program that combines downloadable (e-version) materials, (optional printed materials are also available), interactive online study tools and online final SFP assessments to help you earn the SFP credential.

The SFP materials are offered in a complete set and a scholarship of up to 100% of the cost may be paid by the Chapter.

Current Fee complete SFP credential program - $1,895

Attendance at Facility Fusion
Scholarship includes early registration fee paid up to 100% by the Chapter.
Current Fee – Full Registration - $499

Attendance at World Workplace Scholarship includes early registration fee be paid up to 100% by the Chapter.
Current Fee – Full Registration - $785.00

Degree in Facility Management
Scholarship requests will be handled on a case by case basis. Funding will be determined by the instructional credit hour fee and required lab fees.

Continuing education such as USGBC courses or Fred Pryor Seminars are classified as other and requests will be handled on a case by case basis. Funding will be determined by the cost of the session.


Application Process
Designation scholarship applications will be accepted annually between July 1 and December 31. The board of directors will determine how many designation scholarships will be awarded annually based upon chapter funds allocated strictly for scholarships. A minimum on one designation scholarship will be awarded annually.

Facility Fusion, World Workplace, Degree in Facility Management and Other scholarship applications will be accepted annually. The board of directors will determine how many scholarships will be awarded based upon chapter funds allocated strictly for scholarships.

Send completed Scholarship application to the Chapter Administrator at [email protected]. Upon approval by the Scholarship Committee, the Chapter Administrator will contact the applicant and arrange for registration fee payment.


Annual Scholarship
Chapter members may be awarded one scholarship per year. The CFM scholarship may be awarded ONE time per member. All approved applications must be used within 6 months of awarded date.